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Cheapest & Easiest Ways from Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington Airports to the city


Taxis are expensive ways to get to and from the airport so what are some of the cheapest ways to get to the main airports in New Zealand?

The cheapest way is by public transport if it is available where you live eg buses
If these aren't available then the next cheapest is by shuttle buses.

Auckland Airport
The Cheapest ways to get to Auckland airport include:

Auckland Airbus 

Costs $16 single/ $23 return, Backpacker with ID $14/$21, children $6/12, Bikes/Surfboards $6

Takes 45 minutes from city centre depending on traffic


Runs every 15 mins at peak times:
To Airport 7am-8pm.
From Airport to City 6am-7.15pm

Outside these hours it is every 30 mins.

It passes from the city centre through Mt Eden & 3 Kings area down Mt Eden Road, so you can pick it up at certain stops there, look out for airbus sign as it only stops where it is displayed.

Click here for a map of the route through the city.

Get a $1 off Money Off Voucher to use on board

The More Complicated & Slower but Cheaper Way

You can get the public buses to & from the airport. It's pretty complicated.

You need to get to Onehunga then catch Bus 328 and then 375. Total cost $3.40

Get to Papatoetoe or Manukau City Centre and then catch the 380 Airporter to the Airport.

Auckland Airport Shuttle Buses


Offers a door to door service from the airport in most cities/towns, so is convenient but isn't the cheapest way to get to/from the airports.
They have lower fares if there are 2 or more of you travelling at the same time!

Wellington Airport

Airport Bus

The Airport Flyer takes you from Wellington Airport through Wellington City and onto Queensgate in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, all on one bus stopping only at the main stops. Cost varies between $3.50 to $10 depending on how far you go. It runs every 30 mins between 6.50am to 8.20pm monday to friday.

View the airport bus timetable here for more details of the route & times of operation.

For other options to get to the airport, check out the Airport webpage

Christchurch Airport

Airport Bus

Normally $7 one way to the airport on the city bus but its not commonly known if you use your metrocard its only $2.10.
You can get a metrocard if you live in Christchurch where you put credit on a card to pay for bus travel in Christchurch.

Other options include shuttles. To find out more about options to get to the airport go to: Christchurch Airport Transport Options

Around the World Cheapest Ways to & From Airports

If you're looking for the cheapest ways to get to & from airport anywhere in the world check this site out.

Book Cheap Airport Parking in New Zealand

So you've decided you want to go abroad. So let's get started with what's the cheapest way to start that holiday, getting to the airport.

There are a number of options for parking at Airports in New Zealand

You can park on site or pre book and then you can be dropped off at the airport whilst your car is safely stored off site. There are a number of options out there and we will inform you of some soon.

Airport Parking is one company that offers indoor & outdoor parking just off site with a free shuttle bus to drop you off at the terminal

Auckland Airport Parking options

Breakaway Parking

Has one of the cheapest options for parking near Auckland Airport with free shuttle to the airport. From $5-$7 per day (minimum charge $32)

Other options parking at Auckland:

Auckland Airport parking

Auckland airport charges for 1 week approximately
(all prices can change at any time & are only for comparison purposes, please check with the company before making bookings)

International terminal $ 79 for uncovered long stay or $99 covered long stay
Domestic $79 for uncovered long stay but covered is a hefty $238

Airport Parking offers domestic covered for approximately $146

For Auckland airport prices check out: Auckland Airport parking charges

Its very surprising to see the variety of charges for each area of parking so make sure you park in the correct section when you go on holiday otherwise you could have a hefty parking charge