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How to find the Cheapest Flights To Australia



There are a few airlines flying to Australia that are often charge substantially less than the main carriers, up to 50% cheaper!!! 

They usually are just stopping off in New Zealand to drop off passengers before continue on to Australia. It is this dropping off of passengers that drops their flight prices as they would prefer to fill their flights than cross the Tasman with less passengers. 

They often provide great specials on flights from Auckland to Sydney return as they may have free seats they want to fill.

How do I find the cheapest flights to OZ?

1. Webjet

Webjet offers one of the easiest ways to compare flight prices across any month for most airlines to OZ.
It's great for checking out which are the cheapest days to travel.

Specials across the month on Webjet Auckland to Sydney

Webjet charges a hefty booking fee if you book with them unlike if you book with Expedia shown below or direct with the airline.

Current Specials froma range of airlines to Australia: Australia Specials

The example (these prices are historical prices now) below shows the first 10 days in March (Source:

Searches a bigger selection of airlines than Webjet.

They guarantee they are the cheapest price or they will beat the lower face by $1 & give you a $50 coupon!
No cancellation or booking fees (the airlines will do though)
No booking fee (but again the airlines may still charge for credit cards beyond Expedia's control)

Have NO BOOKING FEES & often find the cheapest flights from the less well known airlines listed below! They frequently find cheaper fares than the low cost airlines such as Jetstar.

See the example below:

We searched for One Way flights from Auckland to Sydney on Expedia for flights in July:
Expedia found based on lowest prices (incl taxes):

Aerolineas Argentinas $126 (offer full service)
Lan Chile $157 (offer full service)
Pacific Blue $169 (low cost)
Emirates $182 (full service)
Air NZ $189 (full service)

Obviously flight prices fluctuate all the time but an interesting example of using another way to find the cheapest flights to Australia
Expedia found flights even cheaper than the low cost airlines like Pacific Blue!


Check out Flight Specials & Deals onJetstar, GrabaSeat & Pacific Blue

Air New Zealand Grabaseat 
Grabaseat is a daily deal site for flights within NZ & occasionally internationally.
They have offered $13 one way specials to Oz, Fiji & Cook Islands in the past!

Pacific Blue Happy Hour
Daily specials 12-1pm NZ time

Still flying to Australia & Pacific Islands.

Jetstar's Friday Frenzy 

Flights are reduced on some routes every Friday 4- 8pm.

Cheapest airlines to OZ:

To Sydney

Lan Chile:

Flies Auckland to Sydney (Comes from Santiago, Chile, stops briefly in Auckland to drop off and pick passengers and then continues on to Sydney before flying back again to Auckland).
They have recently upgraded their aircraft to provide new in flight entertainment with video on demand seat back TVs.

Aerolineas Argentinas:

Flies from Buenos Aires to Auckland before carrying on to Sydney and back again.

Their Aircraft are of older design (still overhead projector for movies which aren't shown so far on the trans tasman flight) but are often the cheapest on the Auckland to Sydney return route. (NOTE: They don't fly every day so if you don't find a flight for the day you need, try changing the dates by a day or two).

The problem with Aerolineas can be that they can cancel flights at times so aren't as reliable as LAN.


To Brisbane:

China Airlines
China Airlines flies from Auckland via Brisbane to Taipei. They have been offering one way to Brisbane from Auckland from $209.


Jetstar obviously deserves a mention. Most people know of Jetstar.
They've been offering some great fares to Australia including $89 one way Auckland to Sydney including taxes.
They also now fly to Cairns to compete with Pacific Blue.

Remember if you want to fly back cheaply, it can be worth checking out the airlines Australian web site for specials too!