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Compare 4G Mobile Broadband Providers in NZ

We compare the Mobile Broadband providers in New Zealand
Skinny Mobile is the cheapest Mobile broadband provider in New Zealand provided you need a large amount of data.
2 Degrees costs less but gives you less data. See the table below:


Mobile Broadband work off mobile phone networks instead of being tied down to a homeline. Fixed line broadband is much better value & much faster. Role out of 4G mobile continues over New Zealand with super fast down load speeds.
When should I consider Mobile Broadband?
  1. If you are moving around alot & need a broadband connection. Termination rates for fixed line broadband make it uneconomic if you move around a lot.
Compare Prepaid Mobile Broadband Deals
1Gb$201 month 
3Gb$50 1 month  
Vodafone  97% of where Kiwis live Coverage Map 
Casual rate

$1 for your first 10MB and $1 for each MB thereafter. 


If use broadband without pay for data on all plans it costs

$1 for first 10Mb & $1/Mb after that! 

500Mb $2030 days 
1Gb$3030 days


2Gb  $503 months
5Gb$806 months 
Spark  "97% of the places kiwis live" Coverage Map
Casual rate 


1.5Gb$29.991 month

Prepaid or Open Term

 3Gb$49.991 monthOpen Term 
6Gb$69.99 1 monthOpen Term 
Skinny Mobile4G   
100Gb$521 month  
Always check with the operator what the reception will be like where you want to use it as sometimes reception can be variable even when it says you are in a 4G zone.
It maybe worth seeing if you can test the equipment before signing on to a long contract in case the coverage is poor in your area. Otherwise if you can't then use a prepaid stick before to try it out As then at least you won't be signed up to a 12 months contract with an awful service.


If you don't want a landline but need broadband Naked Broadband (a Fixed Broadband without needing a landline at home) is again much better value. You can compare Naked Broadband Deals here


Mobile Broadband tends to be much quicker & have better reception in the main centres in New Zealand. Speed outside 3G areas is extremely slow!



Note: Do not use mobile broadband when roaming abroad unless you want a very big bill when you return home.

Far better to get a prepay USB stick from the mobile operator in the country you are visiting if you can. You have been warned!



Vodafone 4G Mobile Broadband 

Vodafone's 4G Broadband network currently covers areas in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Whangarei, Whangamata, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, New Plymouth, Wanganui, Napier, Palmerston North, Nelson and Queenstown.

They also use 3G extended network that now covers 97% of where Kiwis live (this uses 900Mhz frequency)

Check out Vodafone's Latest National Coverage Map






2 Degrees has the best mobile broadband deals on the market for smaller download limits.