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How to lower your petrol costs!



Petrol Saving Ideas

Here are some fuel saving ideas to reduce your petrol consumption:

   *Try to ensure you have as many people in your car as possible as this helps save the environment and if costs split between each of you can save money.

You can achieve this via Car Sharing schemes such as:

Carpool King is supposedly the No1 Carpool site in NZ!


Jayride is a site that offers services to help hook you up with other people looking to share a ride. Over 2000 members already offering over 1000 rides!


Fuel Efficient Driving

*Get the most fuel efficient car if you're thinking of changing your car soon. Check out fuel efficiency at government website: Fuelsaver

* Use A/C less

      Only use air conditioning when necessary as it tends to use up to 10% more fuel.

    * Slow down
      Driving at 110kph uses up to 13% more fuel than 100kph. Best fuel efficiency for most cars is 90kph.

    * Keep your weight down
      Unnecessary weight in the vehicle increases fuel consumption, by up to 2% for every 50 kg.

    * Think before you drive
      Consider walking, cycling, or taking public transport before using your car. Try to plan your journey. Try to do a number of tasks at the same time so you don't have to take the car out later.

    * Avoid short journeys
      You use 20 percent more fuel driving when your engine is cold.

    * Drive smoothly
      Accelerate smoothly. Change gear early (but don’t labour the engine). If you drive an automatic, choose ‘economy’ gear switching as this will keep the engine speed down. Imaging the accelerator as a gas pedal, the harder you press the more you use.

    * Look ahead
      Check what’s happening ahead, maintain a safe distance and you’ll keep at a more constant speed. This way you reduce the amount of breaking

    * Reduce idling time
      If you’re going to be stationary for more than 30 seconds, switch your engine off. It saves fuel if you stop for longer than this.

    * Keep your car maintained
      Keeping your tyres at the right pressure (you can use up to 5% more fuel if the pressure is too low),  check your wheel alignment, engine timing, air filter and spark plugs regularly.

    * Avoid Rush Hour Its so much busier and you're likely to be idling in traffic using up valuable fuel

Other Options for saving petrol & the environment

Use the bus if possible (you can read on the way to work & less stressful than driving)

to be slim & fit, walk to shops or work


    * It saves you time if you in a busy city (you can frequently get round quicker & you save on parking & can frequently lock up bike outside work)
    * healthy for you
    * you can even cycle to train if living in Auckland & cycle at end
    * cycle to gym (why drive if you are going to the gym)


    * Share a lift with work colleagues or others eg Car Share NZ or Jayride (See Links to these sites above)


    * Setup a walking bus to school where 2 or 3 parents can walk a number of children to school. Saves you all driving to school, clogging roads & saving fuel & is healthy for you. If problems with carrying all the bags can use a trolley to carry these if the children can't carry them. You can draw up a rota so that you even have days off the school run!
    * Walking to school for older children


    * You can look at travel deals for cheap coach options and helps the environment.