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Cheapest Flights from Jetstar & Grab A Seat



How to find the Cheapest Flights on Air New Zealand & Jetstar?



Webjet NZ Dealfinder finds you the cheapest flights within NZ on any day across a whole month.

Select your destination. Then select the departure point options include Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch.

We have selected Auckland to Christchurch below as an example as to how the results look:

BUT Webjet does charge a booking fee!

To save money, book directly with the cheapest airline!

(NOTE: the results below are only a screenshot & not current prices!)


How do I find the Cheapest Flights on Jetstar?

Jetstar also offers the cheapest flight prices in New Zealand over any 30 day period with the lowest fare finder. But the Webjet Dealfinder above includes Air New Zealand results as well.

Check out the Jetstar Lowest Fare Finder here


How to get an email when low fares come up on the Route you want to fly on Air NZ?

How do I avoid paying Credit card surcharges at Jetstar & Air New Zealand?
Use a system called Poli Internet Banking.
Unfortunately this option is only an option if you have a Windows computer (it cannot be used on Apple Macs)

You usually need to register for this service.

On Jetstar

When paying for your ticket select Poli or Jetstar Credit Card if you have one. This saves you the $8 card fee. They are clever as the fee is built into the fare when you pay so you don't realise!
On Air New Zealand
Charges $3.50 for each one way fare for debit, credit or charge card use!
To avoid this card fee book with POLi Internet Banking.

You can also use an Air New Zealand Travelcard to avoid the fee if you have one.

To find out more about POLi internet banking click here.

You can use internet banking (POLi) if you bank with ANZ, ASB, BankDirect, BNZ, Kiwibank, Westpac, National Bank or TSB Bank.
To access Poli you will need to download a programme on to your Windows computer.
Yes if you have a Apple Mac you won't be able to use this payment method.

Ways to Save Money on your flights in NZ

  • On Air NZ remember to uncheck the Travel Insurance option when you book the flight. They are clever in automatically selecting it for you meaning on a domestic fare you can pay up to $11 more for a one way fare!

  • Don't assign a Seat on Jetstar otherwise you'll pay $4 extra each way. The website makes you think that's the normal thing to do. (Jetstar also charge you $4 for priority boarding if you want it)

  • To avoid the credit card surcharges with some airlines you can select to direct credit from your bank (eg with Jetstar). Pay straight away as you risk losing the ticket if you don't put the payment through straight away.

  • Avoid expensive airport parking by either getting public transport options or better still get your family & friends to drop you off. We show you the cheapest ways to get to the airport if you're using public transport in New Zealand to get to the airport.

  • Be aware that if flights get in late you may need to book a taxi rather than get the bus or shuttle options.

  • Avoid carrying too much luggage or any luggage at all if flying with budget carriers such as Jetstar in NZ. With Air New Zealand you don't have to pay extra charges for your baggage. It's amazing what you can carry on board. Know the size & weight of the bag that you can safely take on board before flying to make sure you don't get charged. We list baggage allowances for the airline you are flying in New Zealand.
  • Take your own food.
  • Bring an empty bottle & fill up on the plane or on the other side of security. Many people get caught out by buying a bottle at the airport only to have to throw it away or drink it quickly before security checks.

  • Take your own movies on your ipod, laptop or portable DVD players etc.


Domestic Flights in New ZealandThere are just 2 airlines now competing in New Zealand: Air New Zealand & Jetstar.

Pacific Blue sadly had to closed down in NZ.

Jetstar only operates on the main routes to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown & now Dunedin.

Only Air New Zealand flies to some smaller towns and so the competition is much less.
The best way to get cheaper flights on these routes is to check Grab a Seat's Daily specials.

Airline Specials in NZ

Air New Zealand's Grabaseat
Grabaseat is an excellent site for limited special updated daily for flights within NZ & occasionally internationally.

Jetstar's Friday Frenzy

Prices reduced between 4-8pm on Fridays only.


Air New Zealand

Includes free 23kg check-in baggage allowance & 7Kg Cabin baggage within New Zealand


10Kg Carry On baggage only, Add $10 for 20kg baggage allowance.

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