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How to find the Cheapest Domestic flights in Australia



Flying to Aussie soon.? Well you can get some great deals flying within Australia if you book in advance.

There are a lot more airlines now competing for your business in Australia with some fares only charging you only the taxes! These are usually only available if you book in advance but you can get lucky and get some last minute deals (These are usually gone soon after the deals are announced!)
If you know when you're going to OZ the best way to bag the bargain flight prices is to sign up for their each airlines special offer emails. Then when they release special offers for the dates you're flying you can catch the best deals.
If you haven't got that option, the best way to find the deals in one place is to use flight comparison sites in OZ that compare the flight prices of all the airlines in one place. Then once you have found the best price it can often be cheaper to book with the airline direct.
Remember most sites often charge a surcharge for booking by credit card unfortunately and some of the flight comparison sites charge an extra booking fee.
Some of the better flight price comparison sites in Australia are:

Webjet currently shows Tiger Airlines (which is often the cheapest)!
Sites that don't charge a booking fee are:

Cheapest domestic airlines in OZ:

Tiger Airlines 
Often the cheapest in OZ & usually not shown on main travel websites.
Competes strongly as its the newest airline in OZ (budget division of Singapore Airlines) Operates to & from Melbourne to most major destinations.
Flown by a member of KiwiMoneySavers with fantastic prices!

Virgin Blue
Daily specials Happy hour (2-3pm NZ time) & frequent OZ based specials

They have frequent OZ Based specials on their site.
Note their "Double the difference" guarantee only applies if booking through call centre not internet based!