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About us


"A penny saved is a penny earned."

We set up KiwiMoneySavers to show you how to save you money in New Zealand back in 2009. Wow what a long time ago.

We are a small team based in Auckland, scouring New Zealand for deals & offers we can offer you.

So far in New Zealand, there hasn't been a site setup to find the best deals all in one place. This has made it difficult for Kiwis to compare competitors.
We felt Kiwis deserved a site where they could easily find the best deals around.

With many people watching for deals each day, if we put this information online in one place then we can all benefit from it.


  • If you see a flight deal, submit it to the forum so that others may take advantage of the deal.
  • if you see money of voucher in a newspaper etc, let us know where you found it what it offers and the dates it is available.

    Thanks for checking us out and we hope we can help you out too!


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