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How to Find the Cheapest Flights within Europe



Flying within Europe can be extremely cheap now that there are so many low cost or budget airlines.
The easiest way to find the cheapest deals is usually using a website that compares the budget airlines.
The best site to do this  in the UK is:
It compares numerous different airlines & flight booking websites to get you the cheapest deals flying within the UK or within Europe.

Low Cost Airlines in Europe:

Ryanair Extremely cheap flights round Europe often £1 specials including taxes!

Make sure you do a search of the low cost or budget airlines in Europe if you will be flying between countries as they often work out far cheaper than flying with the flag carriers eg BA, Air France etc.

If you book with your credit card for flights you may be given extra protectioon in case the airline goes bust. Your credit card is often responsible for helping you get to your destination. Always check with your credit card company first though if there is a minimum spend!
NOTE: There is often a surcharge for booking by credit card!


International Flight search engines

These compare hundreds of different travel websites to get the best flight so are a great resource for finding the cheapest flights around the world. They are best a finding deals within Europe or USA.