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Compare the Cheapest Mobile Prepaid Deals in NZ

Current Deals: 

Updated 03/05/15

There are now 4 mobile companies in NZ. Spark (formerly Telecom), Vodafone, 2 Degrees & Skinny (runs on the Spark Network)
The companies are creating add on packs which makes it more difficult to compare the deals as each has slightly different deals depending on how you use your mobile: calls, TXTs or Data.
Overall Best Value Mobile Prepay deal:
Skinny Mobile NZ offers the best overall package.
Since 2 Degrees launched Spark & Vodafone seem to have stepped up its efforts on prices.
Skinny Mobile has also been set up to compete directly with 2 Degrees Mobile.
Vodafone offers good plans.
Spark (formerly Telecom) offers some of the best mobile coverage in NZ.


Plan Calls/minTXTCasual Data/MbVoicemailExtras
Skinny Mobile NZ20c 20c 20c/Mb20cMMS 50c

9c +select countries

Otherwise 20c for international

50c/Mb20cCheap international calls to 22 countries


30c International

$1/day for 10Mb
above this $1/Mb!

Compare Mobile Packs/Add ons

Plan CallsTXTDataExtras

Skinny Mobile NZ$16100 mins Unlimited NZ & OZ TXTs 500 Mb Unlimited Skinny to Skinny Minutes
2Degrees$19 100 mins  Unlimited NZ & OZ TXTs 500 Mb

Minutes & Data Carryover to next month if unused.

Spark $19 100 minsUnlimited NZ TXTs 500 Mb


Free Wifi - 1Gb/day 

Vodafone$19100 mins Calls to NZ & OZUnlimited NZ & OZ TXTs500 Mb


Free weekend calling to Vodafone Mobiles

Carryover minutes & data


NZ's latest mobile operator.
Uses Telecom infrastructure.
Offers some of the cheapest rates around.
Standard Rates:
See above

Add Ons
$16/month renew each week gets you:
100 mins calls
Unlimited NZ & OZ TXTs
500Mb Data
Unlimited Skinny Minutes

$30/month add on offers even better value

2 Degrees Mobile

2 Degrees offers some of the cheapest mobile calls in New Zealand.
If you order a SIM online you get a SIM with $20 Credit for $20.

Normal rates:

9c to text and 44c to call mobiles and landlines in 22 countries including Australia, China & the UK
0800 & 0508 numbers FREE
Calls to customer care 222 FREE

Combo Packs
All the packs below are valid for 1 month & automatically renew if you don't cancel them.

100 mins to any NZ network
Unlimited TXTs to any NZ or OZ Network
500Mb National Data
60 Min Talk
250 TXTs

National Data Packs

$6/mth 100Mb

$10/mth 300 Mb

$20/mth 1Gb

$50/mth 3Gb


Remember if you don't want any more you have to cancel this service

Check out the International Roaming Rates for 2 degrees.
They also have special rates for Data Roaming.

However it usually far cheaper to get a local SIM if you can & your phone is unlocked to any network.

Now you can share your Prepay credit with your friends and family on 2degrees with Me2U.

Facebook Zero
You can access Facebook for FREE in NZ using Facebook Zero but you must check out the full terms & conditions here to make sure you're fully aware how to access this for free as if you don't use it the correct way you will be charged.

Spark Mobile

49c/min calls to NZ landline

TXT NZ 20c International 30c
Picture Messaging 20c Telecom mobiles 50c other networks in NZ
Video calling: 89c/min
VIdeo Messaging: $1 each

Add ons
100 min calls
Unlimited NZ TXTs (fair use policy applies)
500Mb Data
Free wifi 1Gb/day

30 mins Calls
1000 NZ TXTs

Vodafone no longer offers prepay without a prepaid plan:

Offer a $19/month or $29/month plans as seen in the tables above


Prepay Freebees - no longer available for new customers


Get Prepay Freebees everytime you top up

Free Bonus lasts 30 days.

Can have Freebee Talk or Data


Top up


Get $20 Credit

30 mins calls or 250Mb Data

Unlimited NZ TXTs


Get $30 Credit

60 Mins or 500Mb Data

Unlimited NZ TXTs



Get $40 Credit PLUS 

120 mins or 1Gb Data

Unlimited NZ TXTs



NZ calls 49c/min

TXTs NZ 12c Overseas 31c

Voicemail 20c/call

Data $1/day for 10Mb above this $1/Mb!



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